Acoustic Glass

Acoustic glass consists of two sheets of glass bonded together with an interlayer of PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral). This layer provides additional sound protection whilst retaining the safety and security of standard laminate glass. The PVB helps dampen higher frequency sounds such as traffic and pedestrians, garden machinery and pets.

Although Acoustic glass is made with 2 panes of glass, it is fitted as a single laminated “pane” to adhere to historic guidelines so is suitable for listed buildings and conservation areas without the need to apply for listed building consent.

It can also be installed as part of a double glazed “unit” for more modern applications, but on larger sash windows the extra weight can make the windows excessively heavy and therefore restrict the distance in which they can be opened.

As the acoustic glass adds significantly to the weight of the sashes, the installation should always be carried out as part of a full window renovation so that the pulley system, ropes and weight can be upgraded to allow for the extra weight.

Acoustic glass is available in thicknesses from 6.8mm-12.8mm. As the thickness is increased, further sound reductions are achieved although this comes at a significant monetary cost and an additional burden of weight which is often not practical.

The glass is clear to look through so does not affect the look of the windows at all.

Benefits of acoustic glass

  • Reduces noise in single glazed windows by up to 5dB
  • Reduces noise in double glazed windows by up to 10dB
  • Enhanced security due to the shatter resistance of laminate glass
  • improved energy efficiency
  • No listed building requirements for historic buildings.

Important Note:  Due to the acoustic properties of wood, which is a natural sound conductor, the ovrall level of noise reduction achievable in timber framed windows is less than stated in the data sheets.  Significant reductions are, while achievable, not comparable to for instance UPVC windows.

For more information click here to view the technical datasheet for acoustic glass..