We are please to offer a  guarantee on all of our sash and case windows and workmanship and this applies to all divisions of our company:

Edinburgh Sash and Case (ESC), Highland Sash and Case (HSC) and Aberdeen Sash and Case (ASC)


In these Conditions of Sale “we” “ESC” and “us” and “our” will mean EJ Manufacture Limited and/or its agents. “You” and “your” will mean any person, firm, company or authority that will order or buy the Goods: “the Goods” will mean any goods or materials sold by us in terms of any individual contract and “the Contract” will mean the contract for the sale or supply of the Goods by us to you.

“Supply only” refers to the service whereby ESC provides products for installation by a 3rd party.

These Conditions of Sale govern complete our Contract with you unless we have expressly agreed in writing to accept additional or contrary conditions from you.

The Edinburgh Sash and Case Guarantee

The ESC guarantee covers all standard double glazed units, any replacement timbers and all ironmongery.


In the event of failure of any piece of window ironmongery supplied by ESC the item will be replaced free of charge. Failure is the item breaking beyond use or failing to provide the function it was installed for. This includes pulley wheels, cord clutches,sash eyes, sash fasteners, sash lifts, simplex fittings, height restrictors, window bolts, sash bars, shutter bars, butt hinges, flap hinges and shutter knobs as long as reasonable care has been taken and the fittings have been used for the uses they were designed for.

For “supply only” jobs, the item must be returned to ESC for inspection and a replacement will be issued FOC, but no site installation service is provided for the fittings.


In the event of new timbers rotting through after installation by ESC these will be replaced FOC within a ten year period from installation. This includes cills, pulley stiles, double glazed upgrades and full replacements as long as standard painting maintenance has been carried out.

Standard maintenance would be repainting every 2-3 years depending on the elevation. As a general standard, repainting would be required less often on more sheltered elevations and the higher up the building you go the more often painting is required. Some dormer windows, south facing windows and exposed seaside properties may require annual maintenance.

Repainting of the whole window is often not necessary and the lower areas of your sash windows are always seeing higher levels of wear due to weathering.

We cannot stress highly enough that painting is the key to longevity of your windows and as soon as signs of paint deterioration are seen we advise contacting us with the details so we can assess whether repainting is required or simple touching up.

For “supply only” jobs where installation has been carried out by a 3rd party, we can have no liability for claims for this as we have no control over the installation process or the painting service applied to our products.

Double Glazed Units

We offer a 7 year guarantee on all standard double glazed units. Glazing industry “standard” double glazed units are sealed units which have a sightline of approximately 11mm, the depth of the unit whether “slimline” or wider does not affect the warranty on these units. Neither does the content of the units be it Argon Gas, Krypton gas or air filled.

In the unlikely event of a failure due to manufacturing faults of these double glazed units, ESC will replace the failed units free of charge with the exception of units which have been broken or cracked due to impact. This guarantee covers the cost of the units, and the labour costs for the installation. Redecoration of affected area will only be carried out within 5 years of work being carried out.

In the event that the sealed units have been supplied by a 3rd party it may be the 3rd party that is employed via ESC to carry out any remedial works.

For low sightline units we offer a five year guarantee. Our low sightline unit has a perimeter seal of 8mm (including spacer bar) and allows double glazed installations to historic standards.  These are currently available in 6mm and  8mm cavity depths.

For “supply only” jobs the failed unit must be returned to ESC for inspection and a replacement unit will be supplied FOC but this is supplied for installation by the installer and ESC will not take any liability for installation costs or redecoration costs associated to this work.

Scratched Units. GGF guidelines (Glass and Glazing federation). A glass unit is deemed as scratched if the scratch is visible with the naked eye from 3m at 90 degrees to the glass in normal daylight and if you can’t see the scratch then it is deemed acceptable.

Important: The final exterior top coat of paint MUST be completed withing 28 days of window installation to ensure adequate weather proofing.  We offer NO guarantee on our units if the outside of the window is not painted to a finish within that time frame.

General issues

Sash and case windows are not maintenance free and do require regular maintenance and require to be well looked after and maintained.

The joiners and painters will go over works after installation with the client, and at that stage any issues should be noted on the sign off sheet or reported to the office in writing within a reasonable timescale.