Douglas Crescent – Curved Dormer Restoration

On this Grade A listed property at Douglas Crescent in the citys West End, we began works in early October 2011.

The project was split into two stages:

The first stage involved three single glazed refurbishments at the rear of the property and the second stage was more complex as this involved the restoration of four arched windows and the renovation of the ornate curved sections on the roof.

Stage one involved a full renovation of the four sash windows to the rear and the installation of our discreet drought proofing system.

Stage two was very different.

Due to the fact that this was on the 3rd floor roof, a scaffold was in place for the duration of the project. This is very rare when working with sash and case windows but, due to the extensive fascia work it was required for safety purposes and to ensure that all the rotting and decayed sections could be removed and repaired properly.

The curved sections of these dormer had to be extensively repaired and our workshops manufactured many new moldings and timber sections to match the original details and the upright fascias were almost completely replaced with new timbers. Many of the structural timbers were also removed and replaced as they were beyond salvation.

The sashes were then renovated, re-glazed and re-fitted with the top sashes being fixed in place and the bottom sashes made fully operational for future maintenance.

With the scaffold in place a few other issues became apparent which would not otherwise have been apparent and the opportunity was taken to replace some defective guttering and replace sections of the lead work which were letting in water. All 7 windows were then fitted with high quality brass ironmongery and the windows and the exterior dormer were fully painted and sealed both internally and externally. Exterior painting had to be done extremely carefully so that all joints were sealed to the weather.


12 December, 2017


Case Studies, Curved Sashes, Grade A Listed Buildings