Full Renovation of 25 Sash and Case Windows – Whitehouse Loan

These works were carried out in early February 2017 and comprised a full renovation of all windows of this stunning Georgian house. Situated in Edinburgh’s Morningside district this property on Whitehouse loan is replete with a variety of different window styles including 6 over 9, 6 over 6 and curved sashes.

During renovations all windows are stripped of their paint and sanded back to bare wood as well as being re-roped and made fully operational. Note the french doors directly below which were also refurbished as part of the works carried on this property.

Another shot of this stunning property with our expert team at work. At the bottom left a window has been completely removed allowing refurbishment of the window case. At this stage, the case and cill are thoroughly checked for rot and any damaged wood replaced on a like-for-like basis with new timber.

A shot of the atrium balcony with wrought iron balustrade and decorative triple arched windows.

A close-up of the triple arched windows. You can see the paint has been scraped back to bare wood here ready for re-paining. These windows provide a great view of the surrounding gardens and neighboring houses.

One of our fitter put’s the finishing touches to the arched windows. These windows will be adorned with high quality period style ironmongery and those above ground level fitted with our simplex easy-clean system.


12 December, 2017


Case Studies, Single Glazed Refurbishments