Mission Home – 40 New Sets Of Sashes

Works to the mission home on Spylaw road began in July 2011 involving installation of double glazed sashes to all of the original casements throughout the property. Forty windows were upgraded in total and our teams finished off painting all the refurbished casements and new sashes.

Architects JHRP managed the entire project and our working relationship with them and our clients was smooth. Our clients achieved there aim of increasing the insulation of this large building and retaining the look of the property. Windows were manufactured in oak to tie in with the oak panel work in the drawing room.

Our teams worked throughout July to have the project completed, we have been asked to undertake a further three windows that were left of the original remit. The entire project was in the region of £45,000 but our price was proven to be highly competitive and cost effective for our clients. Below is the specification provided for Mission Home per window;

Double Glazed Upgrade 1/1 style – Manufacture new double glazed sashes with draught-proofing. Full casement refurbishment, re-rope and re-weight, fit all new high quality ironmongery as per specification.

  • Remove top and bottom sash from case.
  • Strip out parting beads and baton rods.
  • Remove pockets and weights from box.
  • Remove old ironmongery and pulley wheels.
  • Inspect case for areas of rot and make repairs as required.
  • Refit pockets.
  • Fit new heavy duty pulley wheels.
  • Fit new sash with nylon core sash rope.
  • Fit new parting beads with integral brush strips.
  • Fit new lower sash and re-rope.
  • Fit new baton rods with integral brush strips.
  • Fit new sash fastener.
  • Supply fit easy clean system to upper levels.
  • Supply and fit new sash lifts.
  • Renew all pointing.

12 December, 2017


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