Refurbishment Works to Grade A Building – 34 Albany Street – Spiritualist Centre

No34 Albany Street is a property spanning four levels and has a variety of styles of single glazed, multiple astrigal, sash and case windows.

Edinburgh Sash and Case was brought in to fully renovate all these windows, as there were a number of rotten sashes, split astrigals and broken panes of original glass.

Our teams started off refurbishing the casements, sashes were removed and laid aside. We then began raking out the crumbling pointing, removing the weights, cutting out full and half sills and removing the worn pulley wheels. Baton rods and parting beads were removed and disposed of. The casements were then sanded smooth .

Sashes were sanded down, broken panes replaced, astrigals repaired and filled where necessary and made ready for re-fitting. The casements were then fitted with new ball bearing solid brass pulley wheels. Sashes are then weighted and additional lead fitted to counter balance them perfectly. Our teams then re-roped and re-fitted the sashes. The external pockets were replaced as many sections were rotten.

After the sashes are fitted draught-proofed parting beads and draught-proofed baton rods are fitted. Our workshops manufacture baton rods with our discreet brush pile routered into them. This property is Grade A listed so we cannot alter the appearance of these windows. All our new ironmongery is then re-fitted to the refurbished windows.

An easy clean system is fitted to all windows first floor and above, allowing them to be accessible from the inside. This allows us to be able to paint the windows from the inside, even the gothic arched windows to the rear and the large 6 over 9′ windows to the rear.

Finally after the dust has settled, one of our painting teams tackled all the windows internally and externally. There is still significant preparation works required but, the end result is well worth it. Original sashes and casements have been saved. Only two sashes needed to be re-made as they were beyond salvation! Our workshops match the details and dimensions exactly so you can not tell the difference after installation.

In a property such as this where the windows are well over 200 years old, it is far simpler to remove and dispose of the old windows and put in new units, but this is not our approach. In buildings of historic importance, the original windows must be preserved if at all possible . These refurbished windows will easily last another 200 years now, all they need is coat of paint now and then to keep out the weather.


12 December, 2017


Case Studies, Grade A Listed Buildings, Single Glazed Refurbishments