Six over six sash window replacement and new shutters – 18A Clarendon Crescent

The owners of this Newtown property contacted us in October 2010. They were in the final stages of obtaining planning permission to reinstate the windows at the front of their property to 6 over 6 style astragalled windows.

Clarendon Crescent was build in the early 1850s in the Astylar Italian style, that being the absence of rounder pillars or long flat pillasters. This style was the perfect example of Neo-Classical architecture which was popular in Britain and throughout Europe in the mid 19th Century. Clarendon Crescent has retained its uniformity and the owners were keen to restore the property to its former beautiful facade.

First conversations with the owners included manufacture of new 6 over 6 sashes, both single glazed and double glazed. However when we visited the property to meet with the clients, we soon realised that due to a prior conversion of their windows, that the cases would require to be replaced and that one window ledge would require to be lowered to its original height together with the removal of false boxing below the window.

They did consider the option of double glazing due to the improved U Value this would provide – however they wished to retain the original character. We suggested that we could resolve the situation by manufacturing and installing new window shutters to improve the insulation.

As we were manufacturing new cases for the windows, the new shutters would line up with the cases perfectly.

We manufactured shutters, fascias and panelling with detailing and mouldings in keeping with the period and style of the 1850 property. Following weeks of manufacturing of the windows, and shutters at our workshop in Eskbank, the installation team removed the old windows and raised window ledges and prepared the windows for the new installation.

Following installation of the windows we finished off the project with the addition of high quality period polished brass ironmongery. The end result was exactly what the client wanted with the windows. The installation of the shutters gave them more in terms of insulation, security and privacy and also framed their new windows beautifully.

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“Thanks very much for all your help. We really appreciate the time everyone took with the new windows and shutters and appreciate that the men worked late to get the job finished on time. The team were fantastic, we are absolutely delighted with the results”

Jim Aitken


12 December, 2017


Case Studies, Replacing Window Shutters