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Small shutter latch.

134mm long. Solid Brass with a polished finish.

Superior quality fitting for securing shutter leafs.

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6 reviews for Strong Shutter Bar Brass

  1. Pete Butlerps

    I have just received one of your strong shutter latches, a very nice item. Is it possible to get them made longer?

  2. wigan-corns

    Precision engineered latch, just great. Thanks.

  3. sofabeast42


  4. calzeat

    Excellent service, thank you. 5*****. So please to have found them.

  5. BoldAsBrass

    Two things possibly worth mentioning: (1) brass screws – particularly shallow-domed like this – & with an unusually shallow slot, must first have a pilot screw hole made in the wood, otherwise as the brass screw is driven in, the slot will burr as the screwdriver slips and possibly damages both wood & brass; (2) the right hand butterfly needs to be set a few mm lower than the left hand butterfly, if the latch when closed is to be horizontal. Given that, when closed, the latch requires the two separate sections to be in a fixed relation, it might be an idea for the manufacturer (or, failing that, you the assembler) to provide/make a card template showing the respective relationship of the screw holes (left & right pieces), thereby ensuring that the latch when closed is horizontal.

  6. KevLondon

    I have purchased the these shutter bars for my boat, they are high quality and look great. I suggest that you drill the holes for the screws for a good fit without risk of the screw burring. Also to make sure they were perfectly level I used double sided clear tape to align them and they now open and close perfectly aligned.

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