Edinburgh sash and case painting service

If you keep the paintwork on your sash and case windows in good order, your windows will stand the test of time.

There are still plenty of the original Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian sash windows in good working order today. Neglecting the paintwork will cost you more in the long run.

Our team will also take care of your internal and external painting requirements.

Good painting is all about the preparation work.

We spend a lot of time getting the windows up to a first class finish, rather than simply adding another layer of paint over the top of the old one.

Hand painting your windows after installation is a better job than pre finishing windows, as the paint should always overlap the glass slightly to ensure a seal between the timber and the glass. This is particularly critical with double glazed windows as a defective paint seal can quickly lead to failure of the unit.

Our team have years of experience and will always leave a first class paint job.

Typical painting specification for sash and case windows

  • Thoroughly prepare all surfaces
  • Fill and sand surfaces
  • Caulk all seams
  • Apply undercoat internally and externally
  • Sand between coats
  • Apply coat of eggshell/gloss internally
  • Apply coat of gloss externally
  • Seal voids between stone and window
  • Renew external pointing with sand mastic