Double Glazed Sash Upgrades

When installing double glazing to sash windows, the two main methods are to adapt your existing sashes to accommodate or manufacture them new, specifically designed to hold double glazing. Usually, the window case (box lining/surround) will still be serviceable and can be retained and refurbished.

We manufacture and install new sashes, pre-installed with double glazing as an economical and durable option. Our “Double-Glazed Upgrades” are designed to suit specified unit depths and sightlines and will be a custom fit to your existing window box. The design strikes a balance between historical detail and maximum energy efficiency. Visually, our new sashes are indistinguishable from the originals.

There is no need to remove panels or shutters during installation, meaning this method is pretty non-invasive from a structural standpoint. We install draught-proofing as standard when undertaking this work.

Double Glazing Sash and Case Windows

Double Glazing Into Existing Sashes

Fitting units to existing sashes is a laborious undertaking, with the neatness of results depending greatly on the window frame’s underlying condition. On historic, multi-paned windows, the astragals(glazing bars) are usually very narrow and leave very little space for double glazing. We only undertake this kind of work in specific circumstances, such as council planning requirements.

Integrated Glass Units (IGU's)

We manufacture double glazed units (IGU’s) at our Sighthill workshop to any required height and width with thicknesses ranging from 14mm to 18mm. The requirements and specification for each window depend on factors such as frame depth/thickness, astragal size and whether the property is located in a conservation area or is a listed building.

Unit measurements are usually shown in the format (4/8/4), which means: 4mm glass/8mm spacer bar/4mm glass.

14mm (4/6/4) is typically the maximum unit depth for a listed building. Units of more than 18mm depth can start to impact the traditional look of the windows. Units are filled with Argon gas or Krypton, depending on energy and cost requirements.

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