Listed Building Consent for Sash and Case Replacements

Many buildings in Edinburgh are considered “Listed”, meaning they are specially protected in some way.

Historic Environment Scotland have an online search facility to find all listed buildings by keyword or map.

If your property is a listed building, and you plan to make alterations to the windows, upgrading to double glazing or changing the style, “Listed Building Consent” is required from your council. It’s not needed if you only plan to do renovation work.

Listed Building Sash and Case Windows

Listed Building Consent Application Assistance Package

We offer a package to handle the consent application for you and to deal directly with the council on your behalf. The process requires compiling a survey report, photographs of the windows and elevations, scaled drawings, technical information and specifications of the proposed works.

The application usually takes 6 – 8 weeks, and although a positive outcome is not guaranteed, with our professional experience and advice, the process is more likely to be successful. Our price for this is £400 plus VAT.

Local authorities around Scotland have varied guidance in place depending on the region; some require planning permission in addition to listed building consent. The fee for planning permission is £202 for most Councils areas with timescales for processing varying from region to region.

As a company that offers a full range of services for sash and case windows from renovation right the way through to complete replacements, we are in a position to give you genuine, practical advice. We have no interest in pursuing particular types of work and will do our utmost to accommodate your preferences and tailor our services to suit your requirements.

If you are in any doubt, contact your local planning authority directly.
In Edinburgh, you can reach the Planning Helpdesk on 0131 529 3550.

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