Sash Window Refurbishment & Draught Proofing

One of the most popular services we provide is the renovation of original sash and case windows. As standard, the windows are fully overhauled and have repairs carried out as necessary. Once completed will be fully operational as they once were. Installation of new draught-proofing also means additional benefit to thermal retention.

Typical Sash Window Refurbishment Process

Most sash and case windows are restorable but, should they be damaged beyond repair, we can manufacture replacements that match the originals, from individual sashes to full windows.
Sash and Case Window Refurbishment

Draft-proofing Your Sash Windows

If your sash windows are in good order and don’t require refurbishment, draught-proofing may be an option. An economical way of improving thermal efficiency, brush-strip is installed throughout the window for a better seal where there may be slight gaps.

Draught-proofing is discreetly attached to parting beads, baton rods and mid-rails, leaving the appearance of the window “as original”, which is of benefit to clients who live in listed properties if planning restrictions have precluded the option of double glazing.

Typical Sash Window Draught-proofing Process

This service complies with all new town conservation regulations and planning guidelines.

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