Newly Manufactured Sash and Case Windows

Sash and case windows are a historical feature of Edinburgh reflecting the knowledge and skill of the craftsmen and architects who shaped the beauty and cultural heritage of the city. As a World Heritage location, it is incumbent on residents to maintain their properties and preserve, where possible, original materials and examples of workmanship.

Unfortunately, due to a combination of factors, windows occasionally need to be replaced in their entirety. At Edinburgh Sash and Case we specialise in the replacement of historic windows, made using the same traditional techniques, to maintain the aesthetics of historic buildings.

As with the originals, we use traditional haunched mortice and tenon joinery to give lasting structural strength. Windows are hand-finished by our craftsmen; this attention to detail makes a huge difference to the quality of the end product, ensuring your windows last far longer.

Windows manufactured at our Sighthill workshop match the same style and format as the originals and, with discreet improvements, allow for the installation of double glazed units. Integrated draught-proofing combined with double glazing offers significant thermal benefit to properties.

Replacement Sash and Case Windows

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