Sash Window Renovation & Draught proofing

One of the most popular services we provide, is the draughtproofing and renovation of your original sash and case windows, to bring them up to modern standards of draughtproofing and insulation.

The sashes are removed and the whole window is overhauled. The windows are thoroughly inspected for rot and any rotten timbers are carefully cut out and replaced.

A typical sash window refurbishment will involve

  • replacing any broken glass,
  • replacing any rotten sections,
  • rebalancing and reweighting the windows,
  • fully draught proofing the sashes,
  • restoring the original casement,
  • replacing the external pointing ,
  • replacing all the ironmongery
  • fitting new  heavy duty pulley wheels

All draught proofing is discreetly run into the windows and does not alter the appearance of the windows in any way. This service is particularly suited to clients who live in listed buildings, as planning restrictions will mean that upgrading to double glazing is often not an option.

Draftproofing Your Sash Windows

If your sash windows are in extremely good order, draft proofing only is an option. This involves the installation of draft proofing into parting beads and baton rods and running a seal for the midrail and base of the window.
This is a more economical way of improving the thermal efficiency of your windows, however it is not nearly as comprehensive as a full refurbishment.

This service complies with all new town conservation regulations and planning guidelines.

The vast majority of sash and case windows in Edinburgh are repairable, but should your existing sashes be beyond repair, we can manufacture individual sashes to match the original, as well as offering a complete sash window replacement service.

Q. Does Draughtproofing Sash Windows Cut Down Heat Loss?
A. Yes, modern materials are used to upgrade the traditional sash window, improving overall heat loss.

As part of the draught proofing process, baton rods and parting beads are replaced with new timbers that have an integrated brush system. The midrail of the bottom sash also has a routered weatherseal fitted.

If you have working shutters and they are reasonably close fitting, they can also make a huge difference to heat loss.