Shutters and panel work

Traditional style working shutters provide excellent noise reduction, increased insulation, as well as providing additional security. They also enhance any room as a real period feature.

If you already have shutters, we can renovate your existing shutters to achieve a better fit and replace any damaged or missing panels and replace any ironmongery.

We manufacture and install new shutters for most properties in Edinburgh.

If there have been shutters previously, but they have been removed it can be a relatively straight forward job to reinstate them.

If they are being put in from scratch, you have to make sure there is sufficient space for the shutters and any additional leafs to fold back and this is a larger undertaking.

You have a lower panel beneath the window which returns round both walls under the shutters, there is then a top panel for the underside of the lintol, as well as a wide set of facings round the opening which the shutters house into.
There is also plasterwork required behind the shutters and usually we will need to replace the architraves with an extra wide architrave which allows the shutters to house behind it.

If you are considering reinstating the original shutters, we’ll be happy to advise.

Many of the original Victorian and Georgian shutters were manufactured from redwood pine, although we normally manufacture these from hardwood as this is more stable. Original profiles can be matched, and the shutters are mortice and tenoned in the traditional manner.

Shutters can also be fitted to doorsets and some modern styles of windows – again we’re happy to advise.

Best quality solid brass shutter fittings are available from our sister company escbrass including shutter bars, latches, flap hinges, butt hinges and knobs.

The doorset below is in Manor Place in Edinburgh. We made the new double glazed doorset and also manufactured full height shutters from poplar to finish it off.